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When It's Valentine's Day Again by Rose-Beuty When It's Valentine's Day Again by Rose-Beuty
It was that day of the year again: Hearts and Hooves Day.

The day where the roads of Ponyville are lavished with the love of pony couples. Chocolates are eaten, flowers are given, and affection is delivered back and forth between the beloved to express their strong emotions. It was a romantic sanctuary... until the terror came.

Here came the Princess of Love with a menacing bow that towers over her equipped with a bow shimmering with her magic. She soared at the sky to look down at the ponies with a sardonic smile. She positioned the enormous bow and was ready to aim. However, she realized she wasn't the only one with large plans for the special day.

Another alicorn came soaring from the opposite section of the beautiful village. She looked exactly like Cadance, but there were some distinguishable features. Her lifeless hair of dull colors dangled from her scalp and her silver regalia is rigged. Her magic was dark with the fearsome power of pure detest. Her plan? Spread hatred to the streets of Ponyville.

Thus the sky became a war between both the Princess of Love and her alternate. It was Cadance's cadence of decadence. Her strong cry marked the beginning of their fight: "The power of love compels you!!"

And that was the war of Valentine's Day. Moral of the holiday: Don't go outside or the pretty pink princess pony with a heart tatto on her butt will unleash her wrath on you. Just stay indoors and hug your pony plush :)
PonyPoet21 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016
A rather interesting concept.
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